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dcsecrets's Journal

disney channel secrets.
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dcsecrets is a community currently maintained by two people who who don't watch the Disney Channel, for fans to share their ~secrets~ related to the stars/the shows/the fans.

LOL DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with the Disney Channel, they wouldn't allow their 8 year old viewers to be a part of something like this community. Nor are we responsible for whatever is said here - it is simply the opinions of others on the internet aka you don't cry over it. If you don't like the community, leave, we don't like you either.

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1. Open up Paint, Photoshop, whatever, and design your secret. Make it fancy or have your font as Arial Black and keep the background white, nobody cares.

2. Go to a good image hosting website, such as http://www.tinypic.com and upload your secret. Copy the 'HTML for Websites' code.

3. Head over to the current weeks submission post and click 'Leave A Comment', logically. You're better off posting anonymously, to do that, just click 'Anonymous (will be screened)', or if you don't have that option, go to 'More Options' next to 'Post Comment' and click that, then select the Anonymous option.

4. You should be told that your comment was posted and screened, if you have a question, let us know in a comment somewhere and we'll help you helpless newbies.


001. There is a difference between attempting World War 3 and being a bitch over the internet. Learn it.

002. EVERYTHING here is posted. We understand some secrets may be offencive, especially the ones about the fans, but you can always request for one to be removed if you have a valid reason. Stuff like "i don't liek wen persons talk shit about tizzy's new nose..its HER CHOICE..her NOSE...leave her alone plz take it down :)" doesn't bring us to editjournalentryville, it brings us to lolzville.

003. Don't post 10 secrets that look the exact same with the same meaning. Just say it once, we'll understand.